Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Call for papers-Journal of Business Research/Psychology & Marketing

Call for papers for the Journal of Business Research (Elsevier) and Psychology & Marketing (Wiley). The JBR will publish two special issues, and P&M will publish a double special issue from conference papers presented at GIKA 2016 (LAST and FINAL in Valencia).



Submission deadlines

All scholars wishing to present papers at GIKA 2016 must submit a full paper or an extended abstract by Tuesday, November 10, 2015. All scholars who have submitted only an extended abstract by this date must then submit the full paper by Sunday, January 10, 2016.



The 2016 Global Innovation and Knowledge Academy (GIKA) Conference invites papers that discuss issues related to knowledge and innovation. The conference will be held in Valencia (Spain). This will be the last and final GIKA Conference to be held in Valencia, although other cities and countries may organize and hold future editions of the Conference. The Conference will take place from March 20 (Sunday) to March 23 (Wednesday), 2016.

The JBR will participate in this 6th GIKA Conference by publishing two special issues comprising outstanding papers from the Conference. The special issues will focus on the following themes:

1.          “Turning Kurt Lewin on his head: Nothing is so theoretical as a good practice” (open topic). This theme provides a platform to discuss the reverse thought: good theory follows from bad or good practice and executives’ attempts to recognize and solve paradoxes in practice. Guest editors encourage papers from scholars seeking to extend practice to the theory of business, management, and economics. As Lewin (1945) famously said, "nothing is so practical as a good theory."

2.          “Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Crisp and Fuzzy Set, in Innovation and Knowledge” (exclusively on research methods).

We are also pleased to announce that for the first time Psychology & Marketing will participate in the 6th GIKA Conference. P&M will publish a double special issue focusing on “The Role of Qualitative Research in Current Digital Social Media: Issues and Aspects.”

The 1st edition of GIKA received papers by scholars from 15 countries, the 2nd GIKA Conference boasted papers by researchers from more than 40 countries, and the 3rd edition of GIKA received papers by scholars from 31 countries. The 4th edition was held in Taiwan (Asia). Finally, the 5th edition welcomed papers form more than 60 countries.

We are proud to announce the 6th GIKA Conference, which will be the LAST and FINAL GIKA Conference to be held in Valencia (Spain), although other cities and countries may organize and hold future editions of the Conference. Feedback and Q&A sessions, including suggestions from editors of international journals attending the Conference, will help the authors publish their papers. Other international journals participating in GIKA 2016 are the Journal of Promotion Management (Taylor & Francis), the Journal of Small Business Strategy, Contemporary Economics, and the International Journal of Export Marketing (Inderscience).

This edition of the GIKA Conference offers scholars the chance to publish their research in special issues of the JBR, P&M, and other international journals. These special issues will contain the best papers from the Conference. At GIKA 2016 we are honored to announce that there will be TWO SPECIAL ISSUES of the JBR to be published in 2017 and a DOUBLE SPECIAL ISSUE of P&M. In addition to paper presentation sessions, paper symposiums, and plenary speaker sessions by top international scholars, the Conference provides further support for scholars by offering a pre-conference research methodology workshop (by Professor Arch Woodside), a keynote speech, and a meet-the-editor session on how to publish in the Journal of Business Research (JBR) (by the JBR editor, Arch Woodside). The GIKA Conference welcomes eminent international researchers keen to share their knowledge and advice with Conference participants from all over the world.

Valencia is a beautiful city (please visit for more details) with many fascinating historical monuments, excellent food and drink, and a lively Mediterranean atmosphere. March is a popular month in Valencia because this is when the residents celebrate the city’s world famous Fallas Fiestas (from March 15 to March 19). As a farewell to the GIKA Conference’s time in Valencia, GIKA 2016 will coincide with Las Fallas Fiestas.

Arch Woodside, GIKA Honorary Chair


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